Cooking is not just about cutting the veggies and stuff and turning it to delicious food rather than the best way of expressing cooking is it is an art driven with utmost passion and also sweat to deliver something new out of the norm. Earlier cooking was only a need to feed the stomach now it has a very unique and modified definition which leads you to the style and the presentation of the cooking. The cooking has led a big hand for new opportunities for the homemakers apart from the professional so that the old riched experience combine with the latest learning it rocks the cooking field and shows a new direction of advancement.


Earlier cooking was a need for filling the stomach and deriving out energy but the old myth has been changed with the arrival of the concept of change. It is equally important to know the fact these days the world has the hunger of bringing out so thing new from the older one. thereby it is important to sustain in this world with the ability to bring got something new from the old myth of cooking. The tastes of the people, we are changing, their hunger for a new taste in their palate is increasing.the interest in featuring cooking in a new way with the usage of new technologies are increasing. Therefore it is important to hold that new trend of change in the cooking world. Most of the master chefs do claim that he cooking is an art of science which has been undergone a lot of dynamic revolution.


Cooking has been made as a new mode of earning in the social platform and allowing to do something extraordinary in this field. Many of the people those have a right hand in cooking can make their mode of living for cooking by just making a channel on youtube. Youtube has contributed a lot to the way of warning for the passion drivers. All you need to have a channel of yours in youtube and making videos of cooking of different cuisines, the more subscribers and likes you get in your video you get paid for it. However, the viewers are important therefore your videos must be attractive and eye-catching one so that the viewers are forced to look into your videos again and again.

To conclude, it’s not just fashion that is driving world crazy, cooking is also equally making debut in stamping its importance in the world. People with an increased likelihood of tasting new stuff is hiking up thereby it is creating opportunities for the masterchefs to experiment something new with old roots. The presentation may be magnificent but it will always remember your old rooted cooking. It has been a way of competition among the people as because it is a platform for showcasing the passion in you which wants to be showed to the rest of the world.